About our Company

IGI Marketcare from its inception in 2012 worked-up its way to supporting Client and their Marketing Endeavors through working upon Data provided by Clients, either by assisting them with actionable Insights from Market Research Data Studies, or by becoming their Client relationship and Business enhancement arm thus assisting them with Lead Generation and Improved Marketing Derivatives, whilst also working as custodians of their Business Data; additionally generate relevant Data through Secondary Research in order to transforming same data into Business Information used to generating Business for our discerning Clients. We as an Organization are deep into Lead Generation and Client Retention besides Business Upgrades through Relationship Marketing, though IGI Marketcare had initiated Business as a Full-fledged Market Research Firm having conducted Qualitative and Quantitative Studies, as we are associated with the best MR Companies and Clients Globally. We are culturally Market driven Enterprise, and have steadfastly been in Sync with our Client’s requirements, as we prudently endeavor to substantiate our association with our Client. We in nutshell provide KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) Services to our Clients who are looking for productive solutions as we assist them to achieve their operational goals by utilizing our Organizational skills consisting of high value research, process expertise and analytical skills.

Our Founder and CEO with almost 35 Years of cross-domain experience in Marketing functions having worked with the best known National and International Brands and Organizations, traversed his way-up in the hierarchy, while working in varied Capacities, where he got recognized for his contributions both by Clients and the Management alike. He always believed in a focused approach and Customer Delight and we at Marketcare have inherited the same zeal, sensitivity and purpose of actually becoming a true extension of our Clients Business interests. We firmly believe in servicing our Clients Qualitatively, instead of working with very many Clients, wherein our aim is in-depth understanding of Client’s Business and Market-base, thereby steering and adapting the requisite Business practices for a fructified long-term Business association with our Clients.

Training and Retaining IGI Marketcare Resources:

We hire Resources for Customer Relationship and Data Analysis for our In-house KPO, after a careful screening of the candidates by a well-etched selection criteria, in most situations we hire Trainee Resources whom we prefer to train, groom and grow organically, though we do hire Experienced Resources, albeit keeping the experienced hiring limited to higher-up positions. We provide extensive coaching, training and role playing using mock-calling methodology for the Tele-callers, to ensure our Telemarketers eventually sound more like corporate executives with a purpose to building Relationship with the End-clients on behest of the Client. We offer a homogenous and warm work culture at IGI Marketcare and while we consciously focus upon the work environment, Individual Career growth and Compensation package, besides the Performance Incentives, truly facilitate the Retention of Individuals at IGI Marketcare, which directly results into improved Business outputs for our Clients.

CRM Application

We are a CRM (Customer Relation Management System) enabled Organization. This In-house built CRM is redesigned for each Business campaign, and an access given to our Clients if they so wish, in order to capture entirety of the campaign for useful Insights into the the Campaign, inviting any feedback and ratifications in the process, thus offering them total transparency. Our Clients can access and receive the Leads on real time-basis. We are confident with our sincere approach and Technological advantage as stated, our Client's Campaign serviced by IGI Marketcare will repay to themselves many folds, both in the immediate future as also in the long-term gains that they can reap, from the association.