TeleCalling and TeleMarketing Services

Telemarketing requires specialist skills to get past the gatekeeper and connect with the Buyer Manager, and further One-O-One engagement as qualified Lead output. Our Telemarketers are trained for the specific needs that they are required to possess, both by the Client and Internal Trainings until they specialize in the specific domain thereby generating Sales leads and are experts at opening conversations and identifying opportunities. Telemarketers cannot perform all by themselves, and are objectively driven to perform by their Supervisors, who actually work as Client Ambassadors, with an ownership and purpose to meeting the Sales targets being highly experienced management team themselves.
We recruit Resources as Telemarketers who have a flair for Sales/Marketing, and who are adaptable to the diversity in the Domains that we handle; Resources are selected only when they meet the requisite and flexible standards as we provide them with on-going training and support to develop their abilities.
Our mature and professional staff work brilliantly together. Many have been with us for several years, creating a stable, high-performing team that delivers consistent results for our Clients as under:


  • Telemarketing is by-far more beneficial than hiring Sales Resources

  • Seamless reach-out to Prospects and existing Customers Globally

  • Verbal Communication far superior and result oriented methodology

  • Provides immediate feedback on response and buying pulse of the Prospect

Our modus-operandi of getting started as a Business associate follows a definitive Path and Measures, same are illustrated below:

  • We go all out to a comprehensively understand Client product/or service and their market positioning.

  • Mutual agreement on the specific product/service to be promoted through Telemarketing campaign.

  • Identify and profile Target Market, by Domain, Organization size and its Turnover

  • Mutual acceptance of specific Sales call objectives, be it Client Data Mapping, Lead Generation, Appointment Setting etc.

  • Establish Client Data Sources, either Internal for Retention or Up-gradation or External for Acquisition

  • Agreement on Geographic region/Telemarketing territory, both National and International Markets

  • Client to create a draft Sales pitch to outline the Calling objectives, which pitch most certainly will be re-modelled by Marketcare, for final approval from the client.

  • Marketcare will appoint a Project Manager, who will work on the Client’s behest and Business principles, after which the Client Training will get initiated.

  • Marketing Material: Client to provide marketing material if required.

  • Sales Reporting, could be daily disposition sheet, followed by a weekly performance review.

  • Call recordings if contractually agreed will be forwarded via FTP.

Inbound and Out Bound Calling Services:


Our call centre is Delhi based and our staff is trained and motivated to output in effective sales or retention Campaign. You as a Client can be assured that when we make calls on your behalf while promoting your business, we will have a sound understanding of your industry and will be able to relate to your clients/prospects, regardless of their position or title.

There are many effective ways of generating Leads, however Telemarketing model is not just limited to Leads Generation, additionally it also works as Brand and Product Portfolio Advertising Campaign directly with people who matter. There are times we have personalized a Campaign in a very unique way, and there are sometimes, we just go with the Client preference for a generalized Campaign.

  • We spend considerable time on understanding Clients business and the products and services.

  • Develop methods to reach to the decision maker.

  • Delegate skilled and experienced Account Managers to lead the Campaign.

  • Employ focused and trained Telemarketers to handle rebuttals and objection-handling techniques to optimize outputs.

  • Segregate prospects into hot, warm and cold leads to analyze and report daily/weekly basis.

  • Well-directed approach of hand-holding for Business upgrades in case of ongoing client relationship between clients and prospects.