Client Retention and Reacqisition Services

Relationship Management and Business Upgrades: Our internally developed CRM allows our Account Managers and Telemarketers to run the telemarketing process on automation mode, right from the receipt of raw data to disbursement of data by our data team; to the Operations reporting of Leads and Call disposition reports so as to manage and optimize the entire process of Lead generation and ongoing customer/client/prospect relationship.

Some of the services we can assist our Client’s are as under:

  • Personalized campaigns with well-equipped dedicated Account Managers

  • Multiple touch points using a vast array of Technology

  • Tracking of short, medium and long-term interest in Client’s products and services.

  • Profiling potential prospects to maximize return on investment and propensity exercise.

  • Providing extensive reporting on client/prospect information

  • Managing your entire data including inbound leads, advertising lead response, website and online leads

We assure our Client’s we can tailor our Business model on as little or as much of the sales process, as desired by our Client. Our CRM and Services allow us to integrate our Services with Clients requirement so that information can be passed back and forth seamlessly.

Client Retention