Non Profit Industry is different from the Corporate world where Nonprofit organizations exist mainly to provide support and/or resources to a target audience in specific need. A nonprofit organization is mission-driven, hence we at Marketcare are required to work closely with the Management and its objectives in order to achieving the mission, of raising and sustaining Funds for the Organization.

We specialize in Donor management skills, which truly is pedestaled on Relationship model, comprising of sustaining, retaining and upgrading Donors who are already a part of the mission and reacquiring Donors, who've fallen out of the mission, due to personal/financial or psychological reasons.

Analytical and Data Management capability is the basis and expertise required to manage the Non-profit Industry, without which the Retention of Donors cannot be done effectively, and that is our core strength.

We worked with a Global Car Brand through their designated India Consultant on Measuring and Analyzing the Business performance and the Business Enquiries at their Partner Outlets to understand the ever evolving Business environment vis-a-vis the Market competition thus providing Market Insights for converting Intended Prospects into Buyers while also facilitating World’s best in-class Analytical solutions for Automotive network and Product optimization, in order to refit, localize and apply the findings in fierce Automotive markets.

We have conducted various Market Research Campaigns for Telecom Industry and amongst some very detailed Studies conducted and reported by us, we would like to site one for a Leading Telecom provider with Pan-India presence for whom we ran a Customer satisfaction Study for B2C segment, for Users and Intenders of different Services including Voice and Broadband. The Campaign consisted of over 12000 Interviews that were conducted using Telephone and Online methodologies, and ran for almost 6-7months. Insights and Reports of the Interviews conducted were assimilated for identifying and evaluating Consumer usage pattern, and Customer Satisfaction index vis-à-vis the Market Competition.

Healthcare services and Healthcare industry on a whole is a continuously evolving vertical and expectations ever-rising in order to provide high quality Medical care and patient engagement. Digital technology has changed the face of Healthcare providers who are now seeking tech savvy methods of converting their processes from electronic records to Telemedicine thereby increasing their Market penetration and reduced Operational and resource costing.

We also provide Customized Helpdesk Services to our Clients to boost their businesses and as a result notching-up customer satisfaction while also providing Customer insights to steer any business with improved output, thus facilitating our Clients focus upon their core competencies.

We have been associated with different Clients who are either the OEM's or Global Business Consultants acting on behest of the OEM's who have been designated to derive useful Business Insights and Customer Relationship Services as part of the Contract /SLA with Marketcare, while we accomplished their Data needs. We have assisted Clients from mere Data enrichment, to Quantitative and Qualitative Research findings and Reporting these findings in requisite Formats, while these Studies were administered across Pan-Indian Markets.

While we have supported IT Hardware and Durable Industry, there has been a vast range of Business activities that were entrusted, right from Service Contract Promotion across Indian Markets to Mystery Shopping at over 300 Partner premises, for Durable Giant to Global IT Hardware Major respectively.

We provide Customer Helpline for Multiple Services where Clients can connect with their Customers. A Helpline assists in creating a Relationship between the customer and the Services/Product provider. And are capable of assisting our Industry Clients with the following:

  • Create and maintain Vendor/Partner database
  • Co-ordinate with Partners for Maintenance & Installation
  • Technical resolution with Partners in case of Hardware/Software complaints
  • Inventory tracking for Repairs and replacement
  • Liaison with OEMS, Service providers/Partners for related work
  • Escalating complains with Service Providers and tracking status till resolution
  • Achieving committed uptime for Services
  • Reports; Analytical, Graphical, MIS

We work with Real estate Companies to supporting them with their Business Enhancement strategy and have efficiently managed both the Marketing and BPO functionalities through Telefacing Business Model where we have our In-house team of Secondary Researchers who generate potential Data of Prospects while we also handle the following Services for our Clients:

  • Toll free number queries
  • Web Chat
  • Web queries