Digital Services

SMS and Email Campaigns:

SMS and email Campaign to prospects is a standard practice, however to make it cost effective and efficient marketing tool, there are certain guidelines we follow, and use our CRM Capability to further support the Campaigns by Tele-calling or F2F support.

Telemarketing Recording:

We offer to record calls made to the Prospects, and in certain cases we have also allowed Clients to barge-in, whilst most cases we have provided recordings of the calls made to End-clients. Call recordings enable both the Client and us to re-strategize our approach or the contents of the Campaign to heighten the returns and business outcomes for our Clients.

Inbound Lead Management:

Companies receive Sales enquiries from Tele-calls, online enquiries or Emails. Capturing, collating and managing these Leads can optimize the business for any enterprise and catapult into sizeable and quantifiable returns to Sales efforts invested. Marketcare can set up and manage a robust and effective inbound lead management system for our Clients, stepping up the returns through range of tools to qualify the opportunities and offer them to our Clients for increased propensity.

Digital Services